Welcome to PROMETHEE-GAIA.net!

The PROMETHEE-GAIA website is the official resource center for the PROMETHEE & GAIA multicriteria decision aid methods.

The PROMETHEE methodology has been constantly developed since 1983 by Professor Jean-Pierre Brans and Professor Bertrand Mareschal at the ULB and VUB universities of Brussels, Belgium.

From this page you have access to:

  • White papers, tutorials, demos and other documents about the theoretical grounds and the use of the PROMETHEE methods.
  • An extensive and regularly updated bibliographical database on scientific works related to the PROMETHEE methods.
  • Information related to the new PROMETHEE software.
  • Download Visual PROMETHEE.
  • A forum to exchange experience with other PROMETHEE users.
  • A FAQ to answer your questions about using the PROMETHEE methods.
  • Links to other websites about the PROMETHEE methods.
PROMETHEE presentations worldwide:

  • ALIO-INFORMS, Buenos Aires, June 2010
  • REDS, Recife, June 2010
  • EURO, Lisbon, July 2010
  • UNAM, México, April 2011
  • MCDA'73, Corte, April 2011
  • MCDM, Jyväskylä, June 2011
  • INFORMS, Montreal, June 2011
  • CIE, UNAM, Temixco, February 2012
  • MCDA 75, Tarragona, April 2012
  • GDN 2012, Recife, May 2012
  • University of Split, June 2012
  • EURO, Vilnius, July 2012
  • UNAM, México, August 2012





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